Our Values

Wa Gono Entrepreneurs grows out of our core values: Celebration, Competitive edge, Commitment, Collective ability, Creativity, Connectivity and Change (the 7 C’s).
We celebrate the people we work with - and our business successes.

We are quick to respond to an ever-changing business environment, providing our clients with innovative and effective strategies to give them the competitive edge they need in whichever sector they operate in.

We are committed to our clients.

Our collective ability gives us confidence to find the right business solutions to add the value our clients aspire to.

We value creativity and strive to be at the cutting-edge of business processes that add value to our business and our clients.

Our practical understanding of the power of connectivity informs our efforts to connect our clients with their markets and with influential forces.

Since change is constant, we embrace the creative dynamic of our changing environment, drawing on our collective knowledge and experience to meet the challenges our clients face in the ever changing day-to-day business environment.