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posted Feb 25, 2015, 1:06 PM by Thendo Ratshitanga
Thank you for taking the time to read about our new venture. 

Wa Gono Entrepreneurs is a private social enterprise initiative that invests in small start up companies run by mainly black youth in townships and rural areas. 

We value your experience and knowledge and would love you to share your experiences with us by completing this survey>>>>>>>>>>>>.

The aim of the initiative is to assist young potential entrepreneurs to start and sustain sizable and social impact businesses. 

Your insights and time spent during this survey will help us to identify the systemic issues you believe are preventing young people from setting up and sustaining their own businesses. We are also interested to know what you think they need for them to succeed, such as: information, funding, operational support, tools/resources, aptitude, etc. Tips and suggestions are encouraged.  

The youth are the future of South Africa. However, they are desperate and slowly giving up on the future. With an idle, hopeless and disgruntled youth, South Africa will be a dangerous place to live in. 

Our aim is to work with entrepreneurs with a social conscience and those whose businesses will have a social impact. Not only will this help them to alleviate poverty and employ others, their businesses will be geared towards tackling social challenges in society.

Please feel free to contribute as much as you can. Bullet points are also welcomed if you don’t have enough time for substantive inputs.

More importantly, if you know entrepreneurs who fit the profile described above as well as any organisations and companies that might be interested to partner with us, please either send us their details or send a word out to them. 

Once again, your time is valued.