About Us

Wa Gono Investments is the holding company for Wa Gono Communications and Wa Gono Entrepreneurs (WGE). Wa Gono Investments invested in Rooftop Roots, an innovative agriculture initiative that addresses food insecurity and unemployment through urban farming initiatives on the rooftops of buildings in the inner city of Johannesburg. 

Rooftop Roots is a social enterprise which emphasizes social and environmental impact as much as profitable business growth. Our first farms are located in low-income areas of Johannesburg. We produce leafy vegetables which are primarily sold to low-income markets at affordable rates but with the added offering of both no chemical pesticide, as well as ultimate freshness due to low travel to market. We subsidise our focus on the low-income markets by selling a small portion of high margin herbs to local restaurants that are looking for better-than-organic quality at competitive prices, and who are keen to support social change in our city. We employ and upskill unemployed people from the areas which we serve.  Growing vegetables on rooftops of urban buildings has the benefits of greening the city, reducing carbon emissions by limiting transportation as well as cooling buildings in hot seasons.

Wa Gono Communications offers an innovative, integrative, virtual approach to marketing and communications. Wa Gono Communications delivers solutions across the spectrum of the marketing and communications arena: public relations; strategic communications; graphic design; website development; investor relations; financial advertising; annual reports; corporate publications; and corporate identity.

Wa Gono Entrepreneurs aims to impart business skills among young African entrepreneurs in rural and township areas. This will result in increased youth employment, poverty alleviation, income generation, and rally the youth towards positive action in their lives.